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Home Renovation – When To Call In The Professionals

Auckland is great place to get into the property market. Whether it’s just to own your own little castle, start a family home, start a property portfolio or stick to your guns and make your home a place you can enjoy for years to come, tackling a renovation job can be stressful, expensive but more importantly and positively challenging.

I suppose the biggest question is where to start.

If you’re planning to take it one room at a time then this is a good idea and you will find it easier to get a gage on the progress but I suppose taking it back another step is to ask “will you be living in the house during the renovation?” as this can cause additional complications.

Regardless, most people tend to start with the bedrooms so at least you can sleep in the house and not have to rent or sleep in a camper as I have seen some friends do in the past.

A full house reno can take up to 12 months and even longer if you need to get additional council approvals so it’s best to plan for the worst-case scenario as no matter what you believe. It will 9 out of 10 times take longer and be a lot more expensive than you had originally planned for, no matter how much detail went into the planning.

Some of you may say that you are switched on and can tackle a lot of the jobs like, painting and decorating or basic carpentry and more power to you! It is those who are unrealistic with their budgets, time frames and deliverables that will suffer the most through this transformation. Us mere mortals and average Joe's will need help and not be afraid to ask for it.

We have found that it is people who let you down. You will be promised the world to get the sale and then at the last minute there will be a delay and then another delay and another until either your project never gets of the ground or it falls so far behind that it holds up everything else and makes your life miserable. If you’re unfortunate to have this happen, remember to always leave them a review on a review site as most companies these days live and die by these reviews.

Ok, doom and gloom section over with.

As always you need to start with doing your research. Plan, as these days builders in Auckland are usually booked out 6 – 12 months in advance.

You can investigate designs and what you want but there’s not much you can do about materials apart from the selection at Bunnings or Mitre 10. The trades will usually always get a better rate on the raw materials than you can get, so it’s best to stick to stuff you can control like appliances and colours etc.

After the bedrooms is complete, usually the next room is the kitchen. You’re going to need help with this as it’s easy to get this wrong and have a kitchen that drives you crazy.

Start searching google to get started with a few phrases like

kitchen installation prices auckland

kitchen makeover company auckland

kitchen redesign cost auckland

large kitchen remodel auckland

Or you can be more specific and add colours or specific design types of interest to you.

off white kitchen designs auckland

purple and white kitchen design auckland

ranch house kitchen remodel auckland

shaker cabinets kitchen designs auckland

The kitchen is not something you want to get wrong but is something can be made amazingly well if you can find a company that is more about doing the best they can to make you happy within a budget rather than a company who has just been around for longer. Again, reviews can be enlightening here.

Even if it’s just a kitchen facelift then you’re going to need a company that can do this with style and modernise it enough to see you through the next 5-10 years until you’re ready to go again.

Follow the same rule of thumb with the bathroom and you will have the house perfectly to your liking in no time!

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