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Kitchen ideas on Valentines Day

You don’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day in Auckland to have romance in your home in 2020. We can create a romantic theme in the home, so that you feel the love every time you enter a room. When you think of a romantic design, most people in New Zealand picture something like the bedroom, possibly the lounge room, maybe even in the dining room.

But, did you know that you can make your kitchen a romantic haven too? Romantic themes and ideas in a kitchen are beautiful, elegant, and they can make a kitchen a welcoming room for both dinners and rendezvous. Here are some ways you can make your kitchen more romantic.

The Design

Romance themes may be integrated into any type of design style. For example, a romantic Italian, French, modern, shabby chic, traditional, or any other style of décor can be given a romantic theme.

Choose a design that works with the rest of the house to start. If your style is rustic, or modern, or Scandinavian design, your cabinetry and other main kitchen elements should follow suit for your design theme.

The Colour Choices

Romance is supposed to warm you both on the inside and the outside, this is why colour is an important factor in designing romance themes in the kitchen. People tend to associate certain colours with romance and for the kitchen, warm tones that wrap you up and warm you the moment you step into the kitchen are the important.

Warm, creamy whites, beige, blues, yellows, green, and gray. Or, for a more vibrant romantic look, you may prefer to brighten up the room by using brighter shades of yellows or red. Keep in mind, ambiance can be the idea behind romance and settings.

The Lighting

Lighting is usually one of the selling points of romance and creating the right atmosphere you are after.

It's best to choose lighting that can be used for functional purposes such as task lighting, but you may also include lighting that can be adjusted to set a certain ambiance to the room, such as a beautiful crystal chandelier over the table or a porcelain-top island that dims when lesser light is preferred. Candles placed throughout the room is another way to create ambiance in a romantic style kitchen and are great for relaxing dinners for two.

The Furniture

Furniture can say a lot about your style and can suggest a more romantic look and feel. For instance in a shabby chic kitchen, an old weathered antique farm table can have a romantic appeal.

Let the romance and creativity lead you through your design, incorporating colourful floral bouquets and other personal touches that remind you of romance.

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