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Starting A Kitchen Makeover

If you have started this year of thinking “I want to renovate my kitchen” then you’ll be starting a long and exciting journey and by the time you reach the end you will be more of an expert in kitchens than you ever expected to be.

An elegant kitchen design or change of layout with your kitchen will all depend on the budget you have set aside. This kitchen budget or cost will all depend on the finish and materials used.

Engineered Stone and Porcelain are very popular at the moment. Of these two different finishes, the Porcelain stands out simply because it allows for better everyday use in the kitchen with cutting and placing hot pans on the counter top without worry.

Getting a reliable kitchen installation contractor in to guide you through the full kitchen refurbishment is a good idea for both residential and commercial fit outs as they have the experience needed to not only install the cabinets, but also to understand the project management aspect and have the ability to both read and understand what the designers have created. They will also know what needs to happen to work in sync with the other trades people involved in the project.

The best way to remodel the kitchen is to keep the layout fairly similar to the original and then just do a make over with the cupboard doors. Simply getting the cupboard doors resprayed, new door hinges and runners will add years of life to the kitchen.

A new bench top if needed can also make a huge difference and can be done at low cost for the kitchen makeover if you use Formica or laminate bench tops as they are more commonly known. It’s amazing what they can do with laminate and the finish these days in comparison to what you got 10 years ago.

Today they are heat treated to stop any access of water meaning that they are less likely to split or bow. You will also be surprised at the luxury feel, textures and variety of colours and designs available today with many having a similar finish to stone and can be hard to differentiate to the untrained eye.

You may also be considering a partial kitchen renovation as an alternative to replacing your kitchen. This can be a cost-effective solution and also a time saver. In Auckland in particular the housing market has been going through a lot of changes and the housing prices and rental yield have been volatile to say the least.

It makes sense in some cases to make quick fixes to the kitchen in order to push through a sale as not doing this can give the potential buyer a bargaining chip meaning that it hurts the resale value. Modernising the kitchen can add serious value and increase the returns you can expect from selling your home or leasing your rental property.

Typically the best kitchen fitters understand both the design aspect and the practical side of the job. Too often you will find that the companies hire in designers to complete the sale to hard sell you a luxury kitchen but, more often than not they will design something that is not practical or cost efficient as they allow for their creative mind to dictate your budget.

Kitchen trends in new apartments seem to favor the minimalistic approach with handleless doors, a white gloss or matt finish and a dark stone bench top. This of course is relatively cost effective and stylish at the present. It’s also amazing what innovation has come from Blum and Hafele, enabling you to maximize the space and make the most from the kitchen in the small spaces found in kitchen apartments in Auckland.

Grey painted walls in kitchens in Auckland also seems to be becoming the rage as grey isn’t actually a colour but more of a shade. This timeless finish to the kitchen will mean that touch ups are easy to complete and saves you money.

Kitchen face lifts on a budget are a great way to get the most for the least. However, make sure to change any carcasses that are starting to warp or split as this will cost more to replace if you do it separately later down the line.

Wooden laminate flooring is now starting to make a come back and is now favored even over tiling the floor as the finish continues to become more and more realistic and has a long shelf life. Maintenance is also easy with less dirt build up and near impossible to damage in comparison to tile.

Matching the kitchen to the floor can be a challenge but looks amazing if done correctly by professional installation teams.

Whether it’s a full kitchen fit out or a kitchen makeover to start off 2020, you will be in good hands with the team at Kavanagh Kitchens Auckland.

Renowned for service, customer care and amazing beautifully finished kitchens in Auckland the future of your home, rental or business are in good hands with the expert team at Kavanagh.

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