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Tip 5 - Set Your Budget

The budget you need for a kitchen in Auckland will determine whether or not you end up with a dream kitchen or a budget kitchen. Spend right or spend tight are your options.

You always need to be honest about your budget so that your kitchen designer can help you decide where to save and where to invest – even if you haven’t got a large sum to outlay.

Open shelving can be less expensive than closed cupboards, for example, while capacious low-level, pull-out storage may mean you need fewer wall units, which can save on cost.

It’s easy to get excited when faced with a wealth of shiny appliances with countless programs and functions, so only invest in things you think you’ll genuinely use.

Don’t forget to include installation fees, as well as the kitchen itself!

Finally, make sure your budget includes at least a 10 percent additional fund, to cover any unexpected extra costs that may arise with the fit out.

If you’re not sure where to splash your cash, here are our top tips on where to spend and where to save:

Always go for the best worktops you can afford, as they are one of the most hardworking elements of any kitchen. Granite, composite and solid surfaces are all good investments as they are tough, durable and will give your kitchen a luxurious finish.

Next, make sure your cabinets are good quality. Don’t be tempted to skimp on thin carcasses (question your kitchen designer on this to ensure you are getting quality), as they’ll not last very long. You want at least a 15mm thickness all round – if not more. (Standard thickness is 16mm, but some companies may skimp to save cost at your expense)

Think about savings on your choice of doors. We can’t all afford rich wood veneers or a 2 pot lacquer finish, so why not re-create the same stylish look with a laminate or PVC foil finish instead? Even hi-gloss doors come in different price brackets depending on whether they are lacquered or laminated.

While they all essentially look the same, a lacquered kitchen can cost considerably more than the laminate equivalent. Spend wisely on appliances, too, buying the best oven and hob you can afford – but perhaps consider a less expensive brand for the laundry and do without the coffee machine and wine cooler.

It’s all about compromise if your budget is under strain, so make sure you spend on the things that matter – you can always add luxury small appliances and accessories in years to come.

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