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  • Kavanagh Content Team

Tip 7 - Finishing Touches

With everything in the news lately, reality TV and the continuous list of action hero movies from Marvel and DC hitting our screens, we often get the question "Should I mount a TV in my kitchen?"

Mobile phones from Apple such as the Iphone and the big competitor Samsung all now have the capability to cast what you have on your phone to your TV directly. This can be good in ways as it means no more HDMI cables attached to a laptop.

Is it safe to have a TV in my kitchen? Well, like anything in life that can be a distraction, we need to be mindful when dealing with sharp objects and heating elements. You wouldn't drive and watch TV, probably best to do the same while cooking or you could end up serving a dish that isn't a family favourite.

In times before the TV, families would generally have a radio in the kitchen to play music or listen to chat shows and the news. With everything in the news today about the Corona virus, Forrest Fires In Australia and "The Joker" winning best male actor it can be a lot to take in.

However, most who decide to put a TV in the kitchen do it for the family while the chef cooks and if you have a breakfast bar or island with stools it can be a good way to keep the family in the central hub of the home.

But adding a TV is only one may to finish a kitchen.

Make your kitchen feel more aligned by linking the finishes – you could pair a porcelain breakfast bar with wooden stools, for example, or upholster the seats with fabric that ties in with your splash back. Little details, such as adding handles or upgrading the existing handles, can make a big difference and transform a simple white scheme.

Rather than buying everything from the same kitchen or home decor company, look for furnishings and accessories from a variety of places, and mix things up to create an individual look.

Unusual objects picked up on your travels or vintage ornaments will all help to create a more homely environment.

The obvious traditional finishes to the kitchen that are usually considered are the sink, taps, counter tops, lights and flooring but don't ignore the smaller changes that can make your kitchen unique and beautiful.

If you're planning to remodel the kitchen, give the team at Kavanagh Kitchens Auckland a call.

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