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Why build kitchens in Auckland?

Kavanagh Kitchens Auckland build kitchens in Saint Heliers and believe that Auckland and New Zealand is growing at such a rate that kitchen cabinets and creating beautifully designed showroom quality kitchen spaces has room for many big players due to demand.

More recently a popular option to try has been for customers to start by looking into flat pack kitchens online. Unfortunately for many customers this usually ends in tears as the design and cabinets are rarely well manufactured, therefore meaning that the kitchen has to be completely removed so we can get in to the space and usually end up having to start from scratch to help the customer out.

Mean while, the customer has no kitchen until we get in to fix the mess which can be weeks and months based on our schedule and also the schedules for the other tradesmen needed to complete the kitchen.

This can be a costly mistake. There are so many unforeseen issues that can arise when kitchen makers in Auckland start a project.

Plumbing, the electrics, lighting, uneven floors, uneven walls, inaccurate measurements etc. etc. the list goes on and on.

Kitchen showrooms in Auckland can be a great place to visualize your dream kitchen, however this is not a true reflection on what the end result will look like in your home.

Your home is a living, breathing thing. Your home is an asset and should be treated as such. Cost is only a cost if what you buy will give you a diminishing return. The only time a kitchen will ever provide a diminishing return is when it has started to look and feel dated, in which case it will need replaced with a new kitchen anyway.

Kitchen planning can be fun and an amazing experience, when you have someone who knows what they are doing to keep you right and help avoid the pitfalls.

There's a reason why Wedding Planners have jobs. To avoid the bride from getting stressed and becoming a bridezilla and ruining the most important day in her life. But remember, kitchens and wedding may cost close to the same however the wedding only lasts one day, you'll need to live with your kitchen for years to come.

Don't let your kitchen turn out like a bad tattoo. Painful to remove and will scar you for life.

Speak to a professional today.



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